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Environmental Safety

Guangzhou Titanos Industry Co., Ltd always regards environmental protection, occupational health, and safe production as important contents in fulfilling social responsibilities, runs through the sustainable development strategy, and builds an intrinsically safe, environmentally friendly, a resource-saving enterprise to realize the harmonious development of the   company and the natural environment.

Ecological Environment Protection: Guangzhou Titanos vigorously builds resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprises, develops and adopts environmental protection and energy-saving technologies, develops circular economy, and strives to reach international standards in terms of environmental protection and reduce energy and material   consumption, and realize economic benefits and environmental protection Coordinated development of resource   conservation.

Occupational health and production safety: Guangzhou Titanos closely follows the principle of "safety first, prevention first,   and comprehensive management", implements safety responsibilities at every level, and takes good precautionary   measures to ensure employees' safety and production safety.

Tackling Climate Change: Global climate change has a major impact on countries around the world and has received   widespread attention from the international community. Guangzhou Titanos combines the response to climate change with   its own business, promotes the development of the chemical industry with a proactive attitude, fosters a circular economy, and reduces the impact on climate.