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Ink Speciality Al-pellet

  • Ink Speciality Al-pellet
Ink Speciality Al-pellet
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Introduction: This series is specially designed for ink application. They impart a bright apprearance with good coverage ability and good transfer ability. It is replaced by alcohol/ester environmental-friendly solvent.  It is low in toxicity and odor, free of benzene and ketones. it is a fast-frying product and can be customized according to customers' requirement.    

Application: widely used in fields with environmental protection requirements such as cigarette packaging ink, medicine packaging ink, food packaging ink, calligrphy, painting, newspaper and magazine ink, etc.    

Al-pellet for inks  

Product CodeNon-Volatile(±2)SolventScreen Analysis<45μm(≥%)Particle Size (μm)Particle ShapeLeafing/Non-leafing
ZTG-720685%Resin99.96Silver dollarNon-leafing
ZTG-720885%Resin99.98Silver dollarNon-leafing
ZTG-721085%Resin99.910Silver dollarNon-leafing
ZTG-721285%Resin99.912Silver dollarNon-leafing

Package: 20KG steel drum; 500KG per pallet; 9 tons/20ft standard container.